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NEW! Featured in The Toronto Star on Dec 5th, 2016 – Raj “Keto Coach” Patel  Helping His Clients with the Ketosis Way of Life.

 Raj Patel - Toronto Star News Cover Story - Ketosis Diet“Raj Patel, 40, has limited his carbs to 30 grams daily for six years. He’s now a self-taught keto coach who helps design meal plans for his clients, many of whom want to lose weight or manage their diabetes. Patel was 35 when he first read about keto on a bodybuilding website. He was pumping iron but getting nowhere and weighed more than he wanted to. After adopting a keto diet, he dropped from 240 to 175 pounds in two years…”

Kim Kardashian is a de facto follower of the keto diet. She’s a celebrity spokesmodel for the Atkins Diet and credited her post-baby weight loss to that regimen, which helped launch the low-carb craze of two decades ago.”

Some elite athletes, such as NBA stars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, Tour de France winner Chris Froome and the Australian cricket team have attributed high-profile weight loss to very low-carb diets.”

See Full Article on The Toronto Star Website.

Keto Coach - Keto Diet & Keto OS Expert

Hi! my name is Raj “The Keto Coach”. I have been living a ketogenic lifestyle for 5+ years and have worked with 100’s of people just like you – who are looking to gain a new level of health. You can learn all about me here. As well on this site, I promote and sell products that I use personally, and with my clients. Besides building diet plans for the last few years, I have been using Keto OS personally since Jan 2016, and so have my clients. This site is sharing experiences with products I have used, and ketosis know-how. Send me an email anytime if you have any questions. Contact meThanks Raj

My Story & Experiences

Keto Diet plan - works well with Keto OSNeed a “Simple to Follow” Ketosis Diet Plan?

Stop manually counting calories, carbs, fat, protein etc.. I have simplified the whole process by creating customized ketosis diet plans based on your body-weight. I am all about simple, and highly effective methods – and that is what this plan delivers. It has simple meals which can be prepared in bulk (less cooking in the week) as well detailed information on how to follow a proper ketogenic diet and lifestyle, along with workouts and more!

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Keto OSKeto OS now in Canada!

Join the Millions Who Are Getting Results Using Keto OS!

keto_os Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.6 based on 6 reviews
5 1

Better Focus | Better Energy | Better Fat Loss | Better Sleep | Better Strength | Better Mood. Welcome to the BETTER You!

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buy keto os canadaWant to Buy Keto OS?

Now you can try Pruvit Keto OS in Canada. See our Try Keto OS Page to get your Keto OS products shipped from to your door within only a few days. Shipping from Canada (Toronto Warehouse). Product is shipped from Pruvit.

Here is a video I created showing my personal Ketones Blood Readings:


What Are Recent Keto OS Customers Saying!

keto_os Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.6 based on 6 reviews
5 1

It Fills Me Up and I Have More Energy Than Ever!*

5 5 1
I really like it I feel great. It fills me up and I have more energy than ever.*

Good Taste, Easy to Mix and Did What it Said it Would.*

4 5 1
Energy was better, Sleep was better, Would consider using this product again. Good taste, easy to mix and did what it said it would.*

I'm Hypoglycemic so Having an Energy Source that Doesn't Effect my Insulin is a Bonus!*

4 5 1
I'm a single dad who works full time and Pruvit has made a product that gives me lasting energy for the day. Also, I'm hypoglycemic so having an energy source that doesn't effect my insulin is a bonus. The fat burning properties are amazing, I'm down two pant sizes and my abs are starting to become visible again.. I can't wait to see where else this product takes me.*

So Many Great Results Using Keto OS, it has Been Remarkable!*

5 5 1
I'm really not sure where to start.... I've experienced so many great results using keto os, it has been remarkable. When I was younger I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and since have had numerous surgeries to rectify the issue. I no longer have a large intestine which can make things very difficult in terms of dieting and which supplements will have a positive or negative effect on me. I've always been open to trying new things so when I was introduced to keto os I had no problem giving it a shot. Not only is keto os gentle on my stomach it has also been great in helping with inflammation and surprisingly my joints. I've had a lot more energy and focus since taking keto os and it has helped me to not be hungry all the time. Weight loss and less body fat% has also improved but I am enjoying it more for the many health benefits it has given me.*

Experience the benefits of Ketosis for yourself...You will never look back!*

5 5 1
Keto OS is an amazing product. Have always loved the benefits of Nutritional Ketosis but the challenge has always been getting into that state...Very, very, painful. Not anymore, 45 mins and Shabam...Mind and body party! KETO OS does exactly what is says and will help you live your life optimal. Highly encourage you to try a 5 day trial pack for yourself and experience the benefits of Ketosis for yourself...You will never look back!*

This product actually does what it claims!*

5 5 1
I have been using this product since Sept 2016 and loving it. I was suffering from being tired all the time, and having no motivation to get active. After taking Keto OS, I feel so much more awake (more alive is better said), and sleep so much better! It's like a whole new me. It got me power walking everyday - hoping to hit the gym soon after my baby. Along with that as I was reading up on the benefits of ketosis, one being better skin and nails, and I can tell you my skin has't been this good in many years! Loving Keto OS! Glad I gave this product a try.*

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*Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results. Results depend on a individual basis.


keto os OTG packs

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Start burning fat, getting energized with our new amazing product.

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Call Raj at 1-416-906-7883 (Toronto, ON) or email me at info@ketosiscanada.ca!

Call / Text MeTap to dial 1-416-906-7883  Email Me I will reply ASAP!


Keto Coach Tip: What is the Best Diet to Follow with Keto OS? For ULTIMATE Success.

Keto Diet plan - worked well with Keto OS

Following a ketogenic diet is the key to success. (Low carb diet plan/High Fat) Take a look at my simple and easy to follow ketosis diet plan from My Keto Coach. It has proven to be highly successful for fat loss, muscle gain and health through nutritional ketosis. But just to share some general knowledge of what a keto diet consists of, but not limited to – below is a high-level list of a typical foods that would be eaten on a ketosis diet.

 what to eat with keto-os diet plan

 *Results depend on a individual basis.

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