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Pruvit Promoter Pack for Distributors to Join

How to Get Started as a Pruvit Promoter

To join as a Pruvit promoter / distributor you will need distributor pack (one-time purchase) to maximize the commissions, and earning potential.

THE MEGA BUSINESS BUILDER PACK - 37% off ONLY $1409 CAD (reg $2202)

It has 240 servings of Keto OS NAT in a variety of our top selling flavors in Canada.

Also includes Pruvit Pulse App.

This has everything you need to empower you with enough product to start building your business quickly.

We will show you step-by-step how to sell it and start building your Pruvit business.

Do this part-time, or full time.

Get started by filling out the form below, and get access to this discounted pack, and more information.


No large pack needed to start! Pruvit now has an affiliate program to allow everyone to share ketones easily - and earn $54 CAD commission per box sold + extra bonuses!

Learn more about the Pruvit Affiliate Program

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